Windows7 issues with Adobe Premiere 3.0

By adminmichael ·
I have an adobe photoshop elements 3.0 program that works great with windows xp but when i want to run the program on windows 7 it lags, ive tried to run the program in windows xp compatibility mode, and it still lags.

When i went to install the program during the setup is said it couldnt install Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime Does anyone know of an aterniative media player runtime that would work just as well?

If its not the runtime i have no idea what is causing the lag and choppy look in the program.

My computer in running windows 7 professional with 8 gb of ram.

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This is a very old program the current version is 10

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows7 issues with Adob ...

Did you check with the Windows Upgrade Adviser before loading 7?

I would hazard a guess that the only solution here is to buy the new version of the program as it's been written specifically with 7 in mind and is 7 Compatible where as the 3 version isn't.

I have lots of Software and some hardware that just doesn't work with 7 even though some came with Vista Drivers. If you want to chase the New Windows Versions you need to accept that a lot of your existing software and quite a bit of your Hardware isn't going to work and will need replacing.

I find it particularly galling with things that work perfectly for my needs or even have 32 Bit Drivers but no 64 Bit Drivers that need to be replaced just because you use a new version of an OS.

Of course I don't usually use the current OS from M$ I use what works and Dual Boot into 7 occasionally. Even now most of my clients require XP and want nothing to do with 7 and one wants to continue using his 3 year old NB that I loaded with XP because he can not get any thing newer with anything but 7.

They live in a very dusty environment and generally the NB's only last 2 years before being replaced. This one is on it's last legs and he wants to continue using it till I told him that I could Back Load XP on any new NB that I supplied him.


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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to This is a very old progra ...

Yeah thats what i figured but woundered if just maybe i could install a different version of that media player just so i can run it with out it being so choppy, thanks anyway guess i just need to upgrade that software.

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maybe if you install xp mode

by Sue T In reply to Windows7 issues with Adob ...

and then install the software in that virtual machine it would work the way it did before. I have had some success with that on old software.
Good luck.

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