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    windows”Setup is starting ” Freeze


    by karl-gericke ·

    Hi guys this is my first post

    I trying to install windows and it freezes at when setup is starting screen.
    I have tried several installation disc’s and several hard drives. I’ve even treid pressing F5
    when setup says “press F6 to install third party raid drivers” and selected the normal option but still no luck any help will be appreciated for this problem is making me crazy.


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      Some thoughts

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to windows”Setup is starting ” Freeze

      Well, you’ve already tried the first two things I would look at (the CDs and the hard drives).

      Do you have a system diagnostices disk? You could have a bad cable, cpu fan or even motherboard. Then again it might be a bad cd drive. How are the system specs? Are you sure that all your equipment is on the approved device list?

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      Firstly [i][u]WELCOME to TR[/i][/u]

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to windows”Setup is starting ” Freeze

      Secondly next time you have a question ask it as a Question in the Question side of TR that way you get a E-Mail every time someone answers you and you don’t have to wait up to 24 Hours for the Once a Day for Notifications to discussions.

      Now to your problem there are several things that could be at issue here the most likely is a Faulty Stick of RAM but without knowing what it is that you have in the way of Hardware or what version of Windows it is that you are trying to install it’s very hard to say much more other than download yourself a copy of the [b]Ultimate Boot CD[/b] from here

      and test your Hardware. That way you will at least have a starting point to work from but even then if you have recently added RAM to the System it may pass the test but still be an issue as the RAM may work but different Sticks have a Different Timing and this can cause issues with instability of a system.

      So if you would like to post back with the Hardware that you have and the version of Windows that you are trying to install we’ll try to help you out. However it is likely to be faster if you do this as a question simply because many people who answer questions don’t look on the Discussion side of things. Then individuals are not on line all the time either.


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