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By philbush1 ·
My Dell PC running XP home wasn't booting and was giving the error message that the above file was corrupt or unable to be found. In response to help I ran CHKDSK in the recovery console and was able to work through more steps from KB article 307545. I have now copied and deleted the system32 files as told.
Now the final part tells me to copy (this is still part 1 of the fix)
c:\windows\repair\system to c:\windows\system32\config\system I am told the file cannot be found and when I search the repair directory I only find a system.bak file - so, I thought, copy that and see what happens...
The PC now starts and gives me the option to start in safe mode(as told to do in part 2 of the fix) but the PC then constantly cycles giving the option to start(and all it does is constantly reboot) and will not launch windows in any mode.
Did I copy the incorrect file?
Is there something else I can do?
I would really appreciate some help on this!!
Many thanks

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by dmiles In reply to windows\system32\config\s ...;en-us;Q307545

This issue could be hardware or software,start the computer in safe mode,go to device manager and check for any conflicts,check the soundcard,video and modem,the drivers may need updating to XP

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by willcomp In reply to windows\system32\config\s ...

There should be several files in the repair folder. Do you have viewing of hidden and system files enabled? If not, change folder options (located in Control Panel) to allow viewing of all files.


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by willcomp In reply to

When I first responded, thought that you could boot into safe mode. Now realize that was incorrect.

You have a corrupt registry which you were trying to repair. Since XP won't boot into safe mode, we can assume that registry is kaput and a reinstall of XP will be required. I would try a repair installation first though just in case it works. Much less painful than a clean install.


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by wcp In reply to windows\system32\config\s ...

Part 1 is to make Windows bootable to the very beginning. This is as if you first installed Windows.

Because you could not pass the Part 1 stage, I strongly recommend you reversing what you did. In other words, make everything the way it was before you tried MB KB article 307545. This way all your data and program folders will not be lost.

From what you described, I gather your Windows got corrupted. This could be due to the HD that developed bad sectors or virus that deleted some system files.

If you have important data, back them up before you do the following. You may have to connect the HD to a different computer to do so.

1. Do a HD diagnostic test. Most HD manufacturers provide free utility programs. If it failed, replace the HD and start from ground zero. If it did not fail, do next.

2. Scan for virus and remove them if found. Again, you may have to connect the HD to a different computer. Once you believe there was no virus, reinstall Windows on top of the current one. This process is also called in-place upgrade or repair installation. All your data and programs should be intact unless they were already damaged or corrupted. During the installation process, you should get Repair option after the MS License Agreement. If you do not get the choice, do not proceed. Otherwise the process will clean install Windows wiping out the whole HD. The idea of reinstalling Windows is to have system files that got damaged replaced with the good ones (hopefully). If this does not work, I do not see any other way but to start from ground zero.


MS KB 315342: How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP

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by wcp In reply to

I cannot emphasize enough that there should be NO typo when you follow MS KB 307545.

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by philbush1 In reply to windows\system32\config\s ...

I appreciate the answers received but I am not able to start Windows in any mode. It cycles constantly between allowing me to choose safe mode and then reboots again.
I am also told in the recovery console that the \windows\repair\system file doesn't exist.
Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

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by brooklyn101313 In reply to windows\system32\config\s ...

ok what you can try is doing a repair...using the windows reinstall cd and when you restart tap f12 a few times...choose cdrom hit enter twice..i wont explain..and then when you choose the recouvry you want to get to the dos sreen and type chkdsk /r..if that doesnt work you have to do a format least thats what we tell our customers over the phone unless someone finds another way to fix it

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