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How to shift the installed applications/games from one drive (eg. D drive) to other drive (eg. E drive) without uninstalling.

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I don't think it can be shifted

by mjd420nova In reply to WindowsXP

Not without uninstalling them.. I always use two drives on any unit I set up or build, even if it means installing an additional drive and voiding the warranty. The OS and any appropriate hardware drivers go on the boot drive and the programs and additional software drivers go on the second drive. This usually eliminates problems with failures of programs during installations, but will give you head aches if you don't keep your backups of the first drive up to date. I backup each drive once a week, using DVD's and doing complete copies each time. I know that could lead to a hefty stack of coasters after a while but it sure gives me piece of mind.

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It can be done

by Kiltie In reply to I don't think it can be s ...

I saw a program the other day whose purpose was exactly this. It wasn't free though (I think, or I would have snapped it up!!! lol).
If I find the reference again, I'll edit this post to give it, but now that you know one (or more) exist, you may get faster results searching yourself.

EDIT: I found a few, one is:
Application Mover

It is $15, but has a free trial

I also found two more mentioned:

PC Relocator

but I haven't checked them out, Google the names to find them.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried any of these, so cannot vouch for them.

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