Windows`Xp BSOD on Re Installing OS

By wiler.bob ·
My system has slowley been eroded with increasing frequency,as a consequence I have backed up all my critical data and began to re install from the origional Xp CD. However after the fies are loaded and I am about to delete the partitions I receive the BSOD error 0x0000008e. The system has been operating for several years with out problems, why am I now receving such errors could it be that some hardware is beginning to fail?

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that error

by jck In reply to Windows`Xp BSOD on Re Ins ...

is indicative of loading issues from the disk subsystem.

Either your hard drive could be going bad, or there's a config/driver problem with it.

Might be wise if the system is quite a bit older to get a new MB and/or disk.

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That has happened to me when the memory

by Kenone In reply to Windows`Xp BSOD on Re Ins ...

was failing / bad. I replaced the memory and it installed fine. Could perhaps be your problem too.

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Fixed loading Problem

by wiler.bob In reply to That has happened to me w ...

Tks to those whom replied It was a Ram problem, Removal of one bank and re seating into another slot fixed the situation and allowed Windows to install

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And I have recently seen some

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows`Xp BSOD on Re Ins ...

Faulty IDE Data Leads that have caused a similar problem.

Though my first reaction would be Faulty or Mismatched RAM.


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