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WindowsXP domain with a WIndows2000 DC

By sowolabi ·
Umm, i must REALLY be messing up somewhere, and
i need someone to help me out of this mess.
Ive been trying to set up my company domainspace
and im having trouble creating a login script
for all my users.
I've set up Active Directory the default way,
and then i created a Global OU for the company,
below the domainnamespace, and created sub-OUs
under that for each department.I then created
groups corresponding to each department. Then i
set up users under the global OU, and assigned
them into each group depending on their dept.Its
a small firm, and ive been trying fruitlessly to
set up a logon script to apply to all users(by
setting up the GPO on the GlobalOU i created).My
script wont apply,even to windows2000 users!! m
really new at this, and im contemplating using
Samba for this(im better with Linux). Can some
one please help me? my deadline is running
short.What am i doing wrong/not doing at all?
Thank you.

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by CG IT In reply to WindowsXP domain with a W ...

humm might try this: create a new GP MMC and when it asks you for selecting the object select domains/OUs domain. Then edit the GP for the scripts by navigating to User configuration\Windows Settings\scripts][ import in your script]. save the configuration and apply it to the domain.

Test it out. Think your problem resides in creating a "global" OU for the domain which is in essence the domain. forget creating a global OU and just apply the policy domain wide.

I would keep the # of GPs in force to a minimun. Saves hassles trying to figure out what applies to whom.

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by CG IT In reply to

note get rid of the other Group Policies that you created to get your scripts working. If you create a GP and apply it domain wide then ALL will get it [same as editing the default domain GP and using that].

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