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WindowsXP only recognizes 8.1 names on thumbdrive

By jj.jones1 ·
I have a desktop system running XPpro with all updates. Recently this computer stopped reading longfilenames on thumbdrives correctly. Before it read them correctly. Now it truncates the filenames to 8.1. It also truncates the name of files I save to the drives. I tried saving some files then took the drive to another computer and only those files I saved from the afflicted computer showed up in 8.1 filename format. I have tried multiple thumbdrives, same thing. These same thumbdrives work normally on any other computer I put them in.

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by BFilmFan In reply to WindowsXP only recognizes ...

Is the thumdrive formatted as a NTFS volume?

Or as VFAT?

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by jj.jones1 In reply to Thumbdrives

All three thumbdrives are formated FAT and they all are fine on any computer except this one.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Fat

Make sure the following registry key is not set to a value of 1 on the affected system:


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WHOA - it's a thumbdrive!

by MrMat In reply to Suggestion

I'm sorry for all the NTFS / FAT filesystem stuff.
It's more a matter of you operating system seeing the thumbdrive as a legacy (old) type of storage.
Is there a driver from the thumbdrive manufacturer?

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For every thumbdrive I use?

by jj.jones1 In reply to WHOA - it's a thumbdrive!

You saying I may need to locate a driver for every thumbdrive I use in this computer, even though everything was fine untill a couple months a go?

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by ospena2020 In reply to WindowsXP only recognizes ...

May be the file got currpted.

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by mist27 In reply to WindowsXP only recognizes ...

This used to happen with the early USB1 drives, stopped with USB2, data transfer rates and incompatabilities, only on certain motherboards.
check USB 1 or 2. I had one Motherboard that had the same problem, I fixed it by installinga a PCI
USB 2 card, now reads all USB drives Ok. And more important the data stored on them.

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But it worked fine 3 months ago.

by jj.jones1 In reply to Thumbdrives?USB?

That may be what I do. I was just hoping there was a easy fix, especially since up intil recently everything was fine.

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