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WindowsXP Professional Registration

By iokten ·
Several years ago I purchased a Custom Built desk top with WinXP pro installed. I am unable to download updates because vendor must not have registered WinXP or registered under their name. I purchased a new WInXP pro to register under my name and tried to load it so that I can register a new valid ID number, it will not install WinXP unless I format hard drive which I have a lot of data I dont want to lose.
How can I upgrade my current WinXP without erasing curerent one on my computer and register my new WinXP Product ID number?
thank you

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by parvus1202 In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

Well, it is difficult without formatting. Unless you change the serial on your old xp, If you go to product registration/register by telephone/then click change registration number, there you can type your new number, then click change. If it allows you, then you can register that, if not, I suggest to format.

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by CG IT In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

as answer # 1 said, call the telephone # on the product registration page, or call your vendor that you bought it from, explain the problem and most likely they will give you a new key. If all the stuff on your computer is on the system partition e.g C: ooops no way around losing it.I would BACK IT UP on CD or DVD or whatever you got to back it up. Then if you reinstall, make a couple of partitions. For the system partition e.g. c: make it 20GB in size. Make the other partitions whatever. maybe on big drive where you install everything.

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by InletGroveHS In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

Do what Answer #1 said. It will allow you to input your new CD key, which should solve the problem.

Whoever built your desktop likely used an illegal copy of WinXP Pro and used one of the serial numbers that is now "black listed" by Microsoft. So anyone running the serial numbers known to be illegal are not able to update.

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by justanothergeek In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

You do not have to format,just boot to the new XP CD and select reinstall and leave current file system intact.This will reinstall a new copy of XP over the old one.You will have to reinstall all apps not DOS based,but your data will be untouched as long as you did not save any in windows specific folders(you will want to move any saved data for programs out of those folders so the new program does not overwrite as well). You can then go to the internet and activate automatically.This is where a good CD burner would be great.

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by ysamala In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

Use regedit to open the registry and in that select localmachine and software/microsoft/windows/currentversion. In which you can fing the product id and key and everything u needed about ur old windows xp.Just use that and register your os.
good luck

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by wlbowers In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

Go Here:

And get Rock Xp. With this program you can view the current xp key and then change it.

Once you have changed the key to your legit one. You can do an Inplace Upgrade.

Don't you just love tinyurl.

Here is what an inplace upgrade does:

What an In-Place Upgrade Changes:

It does NOT change the installed components and programs.

It does NOT change any passwords.

It does NOT change third-party registry entries.

It rolls back any hotfixes, service packs, and Microsoft Internet Explorer upgrades to their base versions.

It refreshes the registry and restores default registry values.

It reapplies default permissions.

It reregisters Component Object Model (COM) components and Windows File Protection (WFP) files.

It reenumerates Plug and Play devices, including the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).


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by sbrager In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

I have one question for you - do you have the WinXP Pro which the vendor used to install WinXP Pro? It's not a matter of whose name your installation is registered. What Microsoft is looking at is the Product Id - you can find that by a right-click on My Computer. Under the "Registered to" is the Person and/or company to whom WinXP is registered. Under that is the Product ID.

If the Product Id is illegal, Microsoft won't allow some updates to be made. However, if you have the original LEGAL WinXP CD, you can call Microsoft's activation number 1-888-571-2048, talk to one of the representatives and get a new Product Key which will generate a LEGAL Product Id. They will ask you to validate that you have a legal CD.

However, since you have already purchased a new CD, all you have to do is to change the Product Key. To do this, point your browser to:;EN-US;328874

This will give you all you need to know in order to change the Product Key.

One more item, we call it a Product Key but to Microsoft it's the "Volume Licensing product key".


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by BlindWolf8 In reply to WindowsXP Professional Re ...

Do a Google search for a utility known as Magical Jellybean Keyfinder. It'll find your Windows XP key for you, and it also includes the change key scripts from MS so you can change your key.

Good Luck!

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