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    Windowsxp program keys


    by sean29g ·

    Is there anyway to recover lost program keys,such as powerpoint, windows, and the like?

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      by sean29g ·

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      What do you mean by “program keys”? Do you mean CD-Keys?

      by why me worry? ·

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      Please elaborate.

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      NirSoft Anyone?

      by funkeywoookey ·

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      This software has been around for a while. I originally came accross it while browsing RJL Software’s website. Though, their version of the program only revealed your OS’s “program key” (they’re professionally reffered to as “product keys” or “cd-keys”).

      Anyway, back to your question (the answer, that is). NirSoft’s ProduKey (direct link) gets you the product keys from your MS-Office applications, your OS, and a few other things.

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      If you have the programs installed

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You can use Key Finder available here

      Though you’ll need to download it with FF or another Browser as IE blocks this site.

      If you just have the CD’s with no Product Keys and they are not installed anywhere then no it’s not possible to find the product key on the CD as these new CD do not actually have a Product but will accept any Key within the range that they are programed to accept.

      If you have genuine MS CD’s and they are of fairly recent released products you may be able to ring M$ quote them the numbers on the Inner Rings of the CD’s and they may e-mail you replacement Product Keys but they will want to know why you need these and even then there is no Guarantee that they will be willing to send you replacement Product Keys, they could even consider you a Pirate and send their Legal Department after you.


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        CD Keys

        by sean29g ·

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        Thank you very much for the help, you guys saved my life,I have been trying to find help for two years now. I haven’t tryed the new program yet, but I’ll let you know how I make out. Again thank you very much sean29g

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