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WindowsXP ProLocks up on Hard boot

By Sudney ·
My 1.4GB Computer System stays running most of the time. But When I do shut it down completely (Usually about 12 hours) and turn it back on, it boot up to WindowsXP Professional just fine. Until about 15 to 20 Minutes after It has been booted up completely. Then it Locks Up solid. I can't even move the mouse. And I get a high pitched continuous noise out of the speakers. So I press the reset button and never have the problem again, until I Shut down the computer completely and start it back up for the first time after removing power by pressing the power button. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions or a fix for this problem?

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by darkriver4362 In reply to WindowsXP ProLocks up on ...

We had the same problem on some of the older computers at work. I don't know what causes it and this really isnt an answer but instead of calling in some computer people they went ahead and upgraded the hard drive and it worked fine. I had the problem with Windows XP home doing the same thing, I reinstalled and it worked fine...hope this helps at least a little bit lol.

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by Sudney In reply to

I thankyou for your comments. My hard drive might be the problem but I can't see why it would be? As for reinstalling WindowsXP.....I have several times and still the same results. As I watch the real time disagnoises I see that my -12V runs at about -12.93. I am wondering if the power supply is the cause of this. but then after the lock-up my -12v runs at -12.93v . Any more Ideas after hearing this?


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