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WindowsXP SP2

By ferraling ·
Not long ago I received mail discussing the issues related to WindowsXP SP2, in which it was stated that the flaws were quite damaging after an update was made from SP1 to SP2. Apparently it would render your harddrive unusable if you had a pirated copy on your system.
The question is ..... Is this true ?

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by TheChas In reply to WindowsXP SP2

Even as draconian as Microsoft can be, I would be surprised if SP2 rendered your hard drive unusable.

When SP1 was released, Microsoft did increase checking for duplicate product codes and activations.
The SP1 "fixes" were limited to stopping the user from accessing Windows Updates.

I searched around Microsoft's web site a bit, and did not find any reference to changes to product activation in SP2.

That said, I would not be surprised if Microsoft has not further beefed up product activation and limitations.

If SP2 does have improved methods to detect illegal activations, you can be reasonably certain that the action will be limited to at most locking the system until the user acquires a valid product license.

The above stated, remember it has NEVER been legal to install ANY version of Windows or DOS onto more than 1 computer per license. Microsoft is fully within their legal rights to deactivate or limit the function of systems with illegal copies of Windows installed.

Further, the primary issue with SP2 for XP is that it does "break" many applications.
You should check with EVERY software and hardware manufacture for updates before installing SP2.


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by ferraling In reply to WindowsXP SP2

Thanks for the quick response to my query.
Wish there enough time in the day to check out every vendor's software to see if they were compatible with SP2 XP. Personally I don't have a problem with SP1 XP, and see no need to update to SP2. My belief is that if the thing is working well, there's absolutely no need to fiddle with it.

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