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By jaboy78 ·
My OS is Winxp pro with SP2 with WnFax pro v 10.02
I manage to get it up on all client to link.

My internal modem is prolink 1456PVC..
While is it sometimes the software just hung while receving fax.. and i need to restart the winfax pro for it to continue receive fax..

Why is it so unstable??

Please help

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by dmiles In reply to WinFax Pro

No enough info to determine stability issue.
Generally a number of factors could play a part in the program hanging.
The line may be old and signal could be weak while transmitting

Incoming calls may interrupt the fax while being used,call waiting may have a effect.

The line may be routed to close to other wiring

Software issues would be that you have the latest updates to operating system
Check the fax program web site for any issues or updates
Hope this gives you an idea

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by dmiles In reply to
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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinFax Pro

The above are all sound and good ideas there is one other possibility as well and that is that the line has too much noise on it which could be because the phone lines are mounted too close to the power leads but is more likely due to the Telco poor maintenance. If you have had rain recently you should try plugging a phone into the line and listen to what is coming out in the form of noise.

As I'm not familiar with the Pro link Modems they could also be a Software Driven Modem as apposed to a Hardware Driven Modem and since you've installed SP2 your System resources could be getting too low for the modems to work properly to.


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by Breydel In reply to WinFax Pro

I am not sure I read your question correctly, but it seems that you are using a networked version of Winfax Pro ("I manage to get it up on all client to link") ?

If this is the case, when you say "the software just hung while receving fax" - do you mean the actual receiving of the fax via the phoneline or the receiving of the fax via the Winfax Client on the workstation ?

If it is the latter, I have seen several issues with this in the past - especially with SP2.

Before anything else, what you will need to do in this case, is perform the upgrade to Winfax Pro version 10.04.

The networked version of Winfax has come up against several issues with the firewall in SP2 and before looking into this issue any further I would strongly recommend upgrading to version 10.04 - you should be able to do this via LiveUpdate.

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