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WinFax VS. MS Office 2000 resource hog

By AnswerMan ·
I have 98SE installed on client computer. They need a way to "group fax". Outlook Express 5 is email client.

Recommended WinFax (Symantec). After install, system resources drop to 50% range. As a result Word 2000 will not open. Even screensaver hangs. After deleting everything to do with WinFax, system is back to normal. Still cannot get system resources above 74% with all start-up items scruitinized/reduced, recycle bin size reduced, temp files gone, all caches cleaned, registry optimized (Norton), defragged (speed disk) done, etc......

Please help..... I am recommending wiping the drive and installing XP Pro, with built in fax system......?

Thanks in advance.......

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by csmith In reply to WinFax VS. MS Office 200 ...

This is not a resource problem.
The PC should run fine even with 35% free resources.
This is a Microsoft bug.
There are suspicions that this "Bug" was written to force just the action you are thinking of recommending.
An unusual work around:
Download Cacheman from (Cnet is the parent of TechRepublic)
Set the disk cache at twice the cache ram on the hard disk.
For a PC Hard Drive of that age, the installed cache is probably 4 Meg. You can check it on the manufacturers website. It is part of the specs.
That would be a cache setting of 8 Meg Max, (2 Meg Min.)
This reduces the load on the memory manager, and can "solve" these problems.
If not, check the latest upgrade of WinFax Pro.
That will also usually "solve" the problem.
Regards, Chris

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by RCOM In reply to WinFax VS. MS Office 200 ...

So in Microsoft's plot to rule the world they make it so if you install and remove software a bug will be triggered that makes you want to buy an OS upgrade? Amazing!

If someone doesn't have anything to say that will help, Isn't it better if they didn't say anything?

Couldn't pass that up. So anyway, what was the resources like before install and removal or did you pay attention. 74% isn't that bad I'm running at only 57 right now. I do have a bunch of stuff open and all that but my system seems to be responding just fine.

Winfax is such a resource hog. Just went through this same issue. After uninstalling Winfax, MS Office and Internet Explorer still had problems and had to be reinstalled. McAfee also had to be removed and installed. If you check the registry, and common folders there's still a ga-zillion entries for Winfax. Its allmost impossible to get rid of. And since you have other Symantec products there's going to be more things left behind by Winfax.

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by AnswerMan In reply to WinFax VS. MS Office 200 ...

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