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I had an error with WinXP Pro that said "win32 host had to shut down, please send this error to Microsoft". Seems like there was a corruption error in the Windows system. I finally decided to re-load windows, which I didn't want to do as I would lose all. I discovered during the windows load from CD that there were two options, to re-load windows or to "fix" a currently installed system. I chose to fix and the system commenced to provide a progress bar on my screen. When the "fix" was finished, I re-booted and all worked fine. Not knowing the internal workings of the load process, I am curious to what the windows system does to "fix" the system. If anyone has an understanding of this process, please let me know. Thanks, Sid Kraft

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Basically it removes any installed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinFix

Windows and reinstalls the base OS. Unfortunately you loose any Hot Patches or Service Packs that have been applied so it's important to reapply these as your system is open to attack.

Note this will only work if you Have Not Encrypted any Data if you run the repair option you'll loose the encryption Keys and all your data.

This works quite well if you don't have a Registry problem and just need a refresh but if there is a problem with Windows that can not be easily cured it's likely to be carried over to the Repair so you need to use this option sparingly and always remember to perform regular Backup's so you don't loose your data. If you are using File Encryption remember to backup the Encryption Keys as well as the data.


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