WINLOAD.exe in Vista...TROJAN?????

By mody666 ·
Ever since I updated to Vista my anti-spyware program tells me that winload.exe is a trojan (snapshot, keylogger, etc). Can't seenm to be able to delete this file.

Anyone has any ideas on how to proceed?


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by paulh00760 In reply to WINLOAD.exe in Vista...TR ...

having same problem if you find a soloution please help

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It starts Vista

by djmicron In reply to vista

It is the file that starts Vista when you turn on your computer.

It is a system file, not a trojan. If you delete that file you won't be able to start Vista again until you repair the installation.

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spyware software

by fl5593 In reply to WINLOAD.exe in Vista...TR ...

what spyware dectector are using? i first tried using xoftspy (which i've been told is an older piece of software) and it detected this file as a keylogger. however, when i used ad-aware, it did not detect this file a keylogger.

i'm thinking that since winload.exe was a spyware created a few years ago, the xoftspy is mistaking this new vista file as spyware.


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