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By necrosisvirus ·
I have a rather aging computer running on Win2k. If I try to start my dsl, right after booting the computer, I get this unusual error called WINLOGIN. Saying that the program will be shut down. Meaning my computer some how or another gets forced into Safe Mode. Unfortunately, my monitor goes black, and I am forced to reboot. Does anybody out there know what to do, to stop this problem?

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by sleepsalot In reply to WINLOGIN Error

I would check the event logs for a start. Also have you added any new software or hardware? Check for spyware and virus these can some time cause the symtoms you have. Also how much memory and its age can give you problems.


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It Started...

by necrosisvirus In reply to Error

This error didn't start showing up til after 8/4/04. After some microsoft patch thing for Win2k. The computer is around 5 years old. I don't think the memory has anything to do with it. I think that damn microsoft update made it do this. But everytime I go to the site, they don't have anything to solve it, and it's their update that screwed it up in the first place. I don't know maybe microsoft screws up its own software on purpose. All I know, its rather annoying when it does show up.

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You have Randex.E

by mukulmodak In reply to It Started...

You had the virus Randex.E
which creates process called Winlogin.exe

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