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By acho21 ·
In my task manager, I noticed that the winlogin.exe keep being generate. This causes the computer to crash after 15 minutes, because it eats up all the memory. I try it taking it off the network, but it still happening as a stand alone computer. Anyidea how I can get rid of it?
Reinstalling OS is my next option.

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Winlogin is critical system process.

by mrjay67 In reply to winlogin.exe

Winlogin is a necessary process. You may want to check if there is something else causing it to take up resources. Check for viruses and/or unnecessary software. If you have installed or changed ANYTHING lately check that 1st. Remove programs thatcould be effecting performance especially if its not needed. Check any network intensive programs for coruption. Generally Winlogin doesn't take up much resources at least not enough to crash. I suspect something else trying to use it. If i find something specific I post back.


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actually i meant winlogon...

by mrjay67 In reply to Winlogin is critical syst ...

I was refering to winlogon. Is this what you meant? What OS are you running? Well anyway you could try looking at Try typing in winlogon in the search and you will get several articles there. You might try updating your service pack. It is possible that the file has become corrupted or there is a bug of somesort with the version you have.

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Thank you

by acho21 In reply to actually i meant winlogon ...

Thank you for your comments. I didn't resolve the problem. I was running Win2k Pro. I have decided to reinstall, since that machine doesn't have much in it. It is a very simple box. I usually don't allow anyone to install any apps. It mightbe a virus that was not detected. But anyway, thanks again.

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