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By Nicki.Lodhia ·
Over the last week, one of our machines has become VERY slow - it can take 20mins to boot up. I can logon without the network cabel and its better.
I have found in Task Manager Processes, that Winloggon.exe is taking up about 90% of the CPU constantly. I checked the net for this and found that if the Winlogon.exe is anywhere besides the Windows/System folder then I can be a virus, I serached the PC and the exe does not exist outside its correct folder.

Can you help? Do you have any other ideas that will help me resolve this problem asap with reloading the machine??


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by wescrock In reply to Winlogon.exe

have you checked the msconfig in the startup tab? im not sure if those go with winlogon.exe... but its possible... disable any useless things in there (make it just the bare minimum)

you probebly already knew that though.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Winlogon.exe

winlogon.exe should be dated 8/12/2004 if you have SP2 and should be in the c:\windows\system32\ folder.
wWhen you searched did you make sure Search Hidden Files and folders was checked in More advanced options?
Have you tried Spy bot Search & Destroy?

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by Nicki.Lodhia In reply to Winlogon.exe

Hi Guys;

Yep I have tried both the above suggestions. Startup doesnt really have much in it....
....Thanks for your replies!
Any other suggestions?

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by k_kalim In reply to Winlogon.exe

check the antivirus status it may be the cause of slow the machine if it is ok then Restore windows in that date whenever it was working properly . Or if it is going slow after installing something like s/w or H/w uninsatall it and install again after conferming requirment.

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by Nicki.Lodhia In reply to Winlogon.exe

Hi Guys;

I tried all that and still no luck. I had a Windows XP disc with Service pack 1 on it, So i uninstalled service pack 2, re-installed windows XP on top (as an upgrade, so I dont have to re-install all the applications) and its seems to resolve the problem, i will now re-install service pack 2 and all the updates.

Thank-you all for taking the time out to try and help me resolve this problem. I tried post of what you guys suggested before as I searched the net on the problem and found many suggestions from other websites......Thanks again

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