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WinME trying to Wipe/Clean/Reformat Hard drive

By rivrbyte ·

My sister have me her old DELL with Windows ME still on it. I was going to bring this to my friends house,but first, I wanted to get everything off of it. Now I could just buy a new hard drive,but I have to learn how to do this anyway.

Is there anyway (easy) to Clean,Wipe the hard drive off,or does it get hairy as far as having to go into the Bios and assigning stuff? See! I don't know ,or have ever done this before. Thanks for your help! ...that's why they call me...Bozo!

Does this method work for all operating Systems? IE: Windows98? I have to do that also. Thanks again!
I read another post by someone and someone suggested going to to get something for the ME to reformat. I went there but did not know if it was ME Alt1,or Alt2 within the original OEM. This Computer was not custom built,and maybe I do have a bootup disk...Is it the same as a Startup disk? I'll look,but if not, is the downloading this bootup easy to do? What's the difference between F-Disk, Reformat,and wiping clean the hard drive?


Another question?? When another puter boots up,then a message flashes "Install I/O, Inset bootable disk in A Drive,and press any key" does that mean the hard drive is not responding? I tries to insert a Floppy Start up disk that was made with the computer,but no response. (same thing as a bottable disk?) It's just an old old computer 166MZ I was experimenting on trying to fix the hard drive. probly throw away,not worth the time,but I was trying to get into the HD. No worries! Thanks!

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by blerg In reply to WinME trying to Wipe/Clea ...

any DOS/WIN startup floppy disk should have what you need to format a hard drive. One prpblem is you have to be able to read a CD-ROM to re-install your OS, and an P166 may have been around before booting from a CD was commonly available.

A regular Win 98 startup disk will do fine. As far as that message you're getting, it's not familiar but might be some hard drive software like EZ-Drive that used to load before your OS to allow older machines to use all the space on newer disks. If your system is set to boot from the floppy BEFORE the hard drive, a startup disk will take over before that can load and you shouldn't see the message.

Can you make a startup disk in Win ME? Never used it much. Worst OS ever released my MS, and that's saying something.

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