WinMgmt and high page faults on W2K server

By mingram27 ·
I have a windows 2000 server with all the latest updates and service packs applied to it and still the CPU spikes periodically (every half our or so) at 100%. This has become a problem for me because this is a file server.
- I have ran the tlist -s to determine some of the services that running:
0 System Process
8 System
332 CSRSS.EXE Title:
328 WINLOGON.EXE Title: NetDDE Agent
384 SERVICES.EXE Svcs: Alerter,Browser,Dhcp,Dnscache,Eventlog,lanmanserver,lanmanworkstation,LmHosts,Messenger,PlugPlay,ProtectedStorage,seclogon,TrkWks,W32Time,Wmi
396 LSASS.EXE Svcs: Netlogon,PolicyAgent,SamSs
496 termsrv.exe Svcs: TermService
592 svchost.exe Svcs: RpcSs
636 svchost.exe Svcs: EventSystem,Netman,NtmsSvc,RasMan,RemoteAccess,SENS,WZCSVC
684 spoolsv.exe Svcs: Spooler
748 appmgr.exe Svcs: appmgr
776 ccEvtMgr.exe Svcs: ccEvtMgr
808 ccSetMgr.exe Svcs: ccSetMgr
844 dcevt32.exe Svcs: dcevt32
864 dcstor32.exe Svcs: dcstor32
884 DefWatch.exe Svcs: DefWatch
920 DkService.exe Svcs: Diskeeper
980 DNTUS26.EXE Svcs: DNTUS26
1032 elementmgr.exe Svcs: elementmgr
1092 mr2kserv.exe Svcs: mr2kserv
1120 omsad32.exe Svcs: omsad
1212 psmserv.exe Svcs: psmserv
1232 regsvc.exe Svcs: RemoteRegistry
1316 SavRoam.exe Svcs: SavRoam
1340 mstask.exe Svcs: Schedule
1364 omaws32.exe Svcs: Server Administrator
1424 SPBBCSvc.exe Svcs: SPBBCSvc
1476 srvcsurg.exe Svcs: srvcsurg
1524 Rtvscan.exe Svcs: Symantec AntiVirus
1616 VxSvc.exe Svcs: VxSvc
1696 svchost.exe Svcs: wuauserv
1712 beremote.exe Svcs: BackupExecAgentAccelerator
1784 dfssvc.exe Svcs: Dfs
1824 msdtc.exe Svcs: MSDTC
2252 svchost.exe Svcs: TapiSrv
1152 svchost.exe Svcs: BITS
1392 SNMP.EXE Svcs: SNMP
816 WinMgmt.exe Svcs: WinMgmt
768 explorer.exe Title: Program Manager
740 DWRCST.EXE Title: DameWare MRC Tray Icon
1416 ccApp.exe Title:
2360 VPTray.exe Title: Missing Virus Definitions
1840 wuauclt.exe Title:
2692 TASKMGR.EXE Title: Windows Task Manager
1924 CMD.EXE Title: Command Prompt - tlist -s

Can anyone help me with a resolve to stop the spiking?

Thank you

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