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WinMX is back

By Snowmist ·
The WinMX community is back, the files are back, and the users are taking a stand. Get Connected today at .

It is time for the RIAA to understand that they cannot destroy filesharing by intimidation any longer. They may be able to bully Corporations, but the users are not going to sit by and let it happen.

MXPIE at is an effort by the users and for the users, with an agenda of making WinMX at a p2p network not only for the users, but maintained, organized and perpetuated by the people.

Come Join us, we believe that we can make a difference in this fight to take away our rights. We welcome all of those who are tired of going from one p2p network to another simply because the RIAA flexed its billions of dollars worth of muscles.

MXPIE at is quick, easy and free to use, it contains no spyware, adware or any other form of malware. We even provide a manual modification that allows you to see exactly what is being done that only takes minutes to do yourself.

Another site worth note is Computer Help Forum at , this site has also been at the forefront of this movement, and can help you with any general computer problem that may or may not be related to WinMX.

Check out MXPIE Website at for everything you need.

I hope to see you on WinMX soon! Realtime help is available for WinMX 3.53 users. Go to WinMX Channels at .

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Spam? Illegal?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to WinMX is back

I'm not likely to visit any site from someone who's only been a member one day. But I don't do much with P2P or music, so I'd like the opinions of others here.

Is this activity legal as currently defined by the law? I'm not asking, "Should it be legal?"

Also, am I the only one who regards this as a pork product in a square blue can with a key on the bottom?

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Like many things

by TonytheTiger In reply to Spam? Illegal?

I think the software itself is legal, but it is possible to do illegal things with it. I could do illegal things with Microsoft Word too.

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by Jaqui In reply to Spam? Illegal?

depends on the laws where you are.
peer to peer clients are legal.
the issue is what content are you downloading with it. if you don't download content that is not legally allowed to be shared, then you aren't breaking any laws.

the problem with that, in Canada it isn't illegal to download those music mp3s, videos or feature films.
[ We actually pay a tax on blank cds dvds for the Government to pay to the artists, so the Feds can't make it illegal for us, we payed them the fees that the artists should get, and they will pay those that can prove they are owed these fees.

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WinMX is back

by Snowmist In reply to legal?

Palmetto, this isn't spam, spammers get paid, lol :) Touch on any of the links on my post above and see if you need to pay for anything?

This is for a cause... We endeavor to make WinMX free for users worldwide. Please help to spread the word that you can connect to WinMX free through MXpie patch on the site I gave above. ty.

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by Ou Jipi je In reply to legal?

"if you don't download content that is not legally allowed to be shared, then you aren't breaking any laws" - should be - "if you don't UPLOAD (thus share) content that is not legally allowed to be shared, then you aren't breaking any laws"

Funny part is that you are not permitted to make an mp3 from a famous band and post it on your website, but you are permitted to copy it from radio...hype, nothing else - some leeches have figured out how to sqeese some more money out of people.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to correction

Laws aren't always logical.

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