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    Winnt 2000 Files


    by jwblaylock ·

    I am the help desk technician for a Military hospital. I have gotten a couple of phone calls on error message when people login. Message is “Could Not locate c:\winnt\inf\Au_gdi.pnf”. My question is what is a pnf file and how do I correct this error.

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      Reply To: Winnt 2000 Files

      by clindell ·

      In reply to Winnt 2000 Files

      .pnf Precompiled Setup Information (Temporary file seen during installs

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      Same type Error (Advanced INF Install Window)

      by roggie bear ·

      In reply to Winnt 2000 Files

      The error message that I am getting when clients reboot is: Error: could not locate INF file ‘c:\winnt\inf\au_gdi.inf’

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        Failed Microsoft Update

        by jarnold ·

        In reply to Same type Error (Advanced INF Install Window)

        This message is associated with a failed installation of Windows automatic update…the first time I’ve seen…it installs a tool to see if you need the update (it could be for Windows or MS Office). the first time you log on after a restart, the tool is supposed to run. I thought the error was the result of the user not being an administrator, but that didn’t check out.

        I’d guess it will come back the next time automatic updates runs.

        Not sure what you deleted, but I don’t think it was this…

        Go to Windows Update…it will find the tool again, check to see if you need the update, then take you to a page that tells you what to do next. There’s a security bulletin , but I’ve misplaced the number. It’s referenced on the page you get directed to if this tool decides you need an update.

        good luck

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