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Winnuke XP version

By carparknz ·
I've been zapped by the XP version of Winnuke and as usual I've closed the barn door after the horse has bolted.
My home network has 8 PC's on it and they all act the same. I have only one IP address I cannot access, my website. (all PC's the same). But I can access any other address on the net. My friends (at another street address) can access my website.
I've closed the ports 135 to 139 and 445 on my router and scanned all my PC's for this nasty and run M/s updates as well. But I still can not connect to this one IP address.
Any one have any clues. It's been suggested I clean and reload windows on all my machines to get back to sanity.

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Hosts file.

by Anthony.V In reply to Winnuke XP version

Did you look at the hosts file to see if it has been changed? Usually spyware will change the hosts file, also try using another DNS server perhaps?

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Winnuke XP

by carparknz In reply to Hosts file.

Thanks for your reply Anthony.
I've check hosts file and all is OK. I've changed DNS server addreses and still cannot connect.
This one's really got me. I can not connect to one IP address. Thats all. Every thing else is fine. I've been blocked somewhere along the line but finding it is the question. My modem log is still showing winnuke hits against the firewall from a number of IP addresses and are being blocked.
The thing that puzzles me that I can go anywhere in the world except one address ????

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Have you contacted your ISP?

by zlitocook In reply to Winnuke XP version

I do not know if they can block one user from an IP address but it is worth a call.
Have you tried Googling it by name, do you use a firewall check to see if it is blocked there.
With IE open go to tools, internet options click on security add your site to the trusted zone. Remove the check mark for require server verifcation if your site is not part of that.
Close IE and reopen it, and try again.

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by carparknz In reply to Have you contacted your I ...

Thanks for your info.
When I google by name it comes up OK but when I click the link nothing happens. I've checked all firewalls etc as per your suggestion. As it happens I traced the IP's back and found it was was my ISP pinging me, why I dont know. Todate my tickets to my ISP has brought no answer, but I think they are the problem. I'll keep in touch.
Regards and thanks

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by zlitocook In reply to Winnuke
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Winnuke XP fixed

by carparknz In reply to OK

Thanks for your help. I went right through my system and could not find a problem I could not find any winnuke files and on closer look my modem was already blocking a suspected winnuke attack. Anyway it was my ISP blocking just that IP address. Why I do not know and they still have not replied to me. Needless to say I've switched to another ISP and all is fine. Once again many thanks. Now that I've ripped all my hair out I'll have to start regrowing it again.

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