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WinPE/OPK help.

By SuperJamin ·
Hey, all. I'm here because I'm completely out of ideas for how to make this work, so I'm hoping someone here knows what's up.

The deal is, one of my friends is starting to build and sell computers, and there are primarily two different hardware configurations. So he wanted to build an image of them so we could easily copy that image onto the new harddrive without having to go through the entire install process. We've got the imaging thing itself handled, our problem is with WinPE.

We're trying to use that, so that we can reseal the installation so end-users will still have to put in their information and all that jazz. But nothing we do with WinPE seems to work correctly. We've gotten it to connect to the OPK server and download the Windows configuration. Once it's done that, it runs the first part of Windows Setup ("Preparing to install" or whatever), then just reboots and nothing goes. It doesn't run the rest of Setup, it won't boot from the HD, nothing. Then we tried running regular Setup first and THEN running WinPE, hoping that it would just overwrite the original files with the OEM-branded stuff that it downloaded. But no, all that did was install Windows into two different directories. Then we tried to set up a Remote Installation Server on another (Win2k Server) computer, but the target computer wouldn't ever boot from the network properly (the LAN card supported it, but every time we tried, it just sat there doing nothing).

I've gone through all the documentation on the OPK cd, but none of it actually does me any good. Like, the step by step guide to the software has about 35 pages of info on how to setup the OPK and barely mentions WinPE at all.

So does anyone happen to know a way to successfully make WinPE work such that we can use it to download the Windows configuration junk, then run real Setup, then install our own apps, and reseal it, without having multiple installation folders or any other weirdnes? How many goats and virgins do I need to sacrifice to Redmond to make this work?

Thanks in advance!


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