WinRAR failure

By JeffreyHB123 ·
I thought that I was downloading a .RAR file that could be easily unpacked with WinRAR but now that I downloaded it (22.6GB of music files via uTorrent) type of file in the properties of the file say that it is simply a "file". If anyone can help me find a way to identify this file that would be great.

My hard drive is 26.5GB NTFS formatted. I formatted it just before the download from uTorrent.

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What where the directions for use of this File

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WinRAR failure

Where you downloaded it from?

Without that there isn't much anyone can do to try to help you.


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If the download is 'incomplete' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to WinRAR failure

It will have properties that identify it as a "FILE".

Until the very last byte is downloaded, the RAR-compressed image is just an unclassed FILE. Check what kind of icon it has - if it's an unknown icon, the download is either incomplete or corrupted.

Also, you might have been pushing your luck given the size of your formatted partition for this download. When it's uncompressed it WILL be bigger than your available space because you'll end up with the RAR file + the UNCOMPRESSED rar sitting in the same directory - so you should have at least 55GB of hard drive in total.

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by JeffreyHB123 In reply to If the download is 'incom ...

I completely forgot that it would double in size when I unpacked it. That pretty much throws my plan unless I get an external HD.

Also, I am sure that it is completely downloaded. If you are familiar with uTorrent or any program used to download other files then you know that once complete the label that used to read downloading says either complete or seeding. Seeding in my case.

I downloaded this Torrent file from Thepiratebay.org. Now I cannot find the user which submitted it. I assume he moved it because of its size or something like that.

Finally, is there a way that I can check if it is corrupt?

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I think you'll find it was Moved or Deleted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Duh

Because it fails to work. :)

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