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You recently installed WINS on a Windows 2000 Server computer on your network. Prior to installing WINS, you configured the computer?s local area connection with a static IP address. Because of your network?s size, only a single WINS server will be needed. What else must you do in order for the WINS server to begin providing NetBIOS name resolution services on your network?

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by Jaqui In reply to wins

you not at least rephrase your homework question to try to give the impression it isn't homework?

we do not answer homework questions, you have to read the manual / textbook and learn the stuff.

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Think about it...

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to wins

You recently changed mobile telephone number. You only need one number as you are not too popular. What else do you need to do that ensures your few friends can contact you?


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The way I would do it

by jdclyde In reply to wins

is to post my homework on some tech website and hope that the tech gods that reside there will not be insulted that I was a lazy, useless, slug, and will do my homework for me.

I am SURE that would work.......

Edited to add: And stop looking at your camel like that....

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