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WINS or not to WINS??

By Becky Roberts ·
I have being trying to determine whether I can safely remove WINS from our W2K network. All our clients are W2k or XP and we are using Domino instead of Exchange for e-mail. I have searched high and low for a definite means of determining which applications require WINS but can find very little information. If you have successfully managed to remove WINS from your network please let me know, or if you have decided to keep it I'd like to know why.

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My Name is....My name Is...

by BFilmFan In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

The easy rule of thumb is:

If all of your applications can use DNS to resolve a name to an IP address, you do not need WINS.

You should be very careful as some older custom applications may well be making calls to netbios share names and most likely will not support a LDAP query call to AD or DNS resolution to access a network share.

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by jbaker In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

NetBIOS uses WINS to resolve NetBIOS-to-IP names. This is especially important in a DHCP environment. Also, WINS traffic is unicast instead of being broadcast, so it can (theoretically) reduce the network overhead as a result of name resolution.

Basically, if you are not using NetBIOS, or Exchange (Exchange uses WINS as well). Test it. Remove it from a machine, test that everyhting still works, if so, go forward with the removal.

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er...can i ask a question?

by DeN inc. In reply to NetBIOS

why do we need to remove wins?? is it nessasary??

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Potential reason for removal

by BFilmFan In reply to er...can i ask a question ...

The best 2 reasons for removing WINS would be:

Removal of non-necessary services to reduce security exposure and network traffic.

Reduced maintenance time from having DNS and WINS databases requiring oversight.

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lower windows versions depend on WINS

by mhengkhi In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

if you have pc clients still running Win98/95 or lower, it is dependent on WINS. the name resolution within a network for these OS version depends on WINS because they use NETBIOS protocol to connect to other workstation. 98/95 are not capable of full DNS name resolution within the network that's why it uses NETBIOS instead. some applications also uses WINS instead of DNS as per experience. some sql connection/query relies on WINS to resolve server upon their database connection. it is important that you also check with the developers of these applications existing in your company if it uses WINS or DNS resolution for data connectivity.

you can perhaps isolate (as previously recommended) that you setup a pc not using WINS to simulate running all the applications in your organization (e.g. email and other apps) to see if you will have issues. make sure you test on all client platforms.

you can also sniff (or thru netstat) while testing apps on that test machine/pc if you will notice any WINS traffic request.

hope this helps.

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We have never used WINS

by Ron In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

We don't run Exchange, but we use almost every other application and service known to man, and have never used WINS. With a properly configured DNS server, we have found no need for it. Our network includes all versions of Windows desktop and server, Linux and Unix, Netware 3.12, and IBM Mainframe. We have several Windows Domains on NT, Server 2000, and Server 2003. Most of those are running Active Directory, and several are running DNS along with a Linux DNS server, and Linux DHCP server. But your situation may be different, so test first!

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Exchange 2000/2003 still use WINS

by Dchristy In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

We discussed eliminating WINS also and found that Exchange 2000 and 2003 still have a dependency on WINS. Below are a couple of links about it. You can also just do a google search with "WINS exchange 2003" (without quoutes)**

And on the TechRepublic site:

Hope this helps

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Can I ask a dumb WINS-DNS question?

by skooboy In reply to Exchange 2000/2003 still ...

DNS on W2k&3 servers--for the purposes of general computer-to-computer communications--is really only usable for name resolution if you're running an Active Directory domain. Is this correct? Without an AD domain, DNS is only good for allowing your clients to use friendly names for hitting, say, an Intranet site. Correct? Otherwise, without an AD domain on a W2k network, WINS must be used for name resolution. Comments please?

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WINS or not to WINS

by hsingh In reply to WINS or not to WINS??

one of the reasons for needing WINS, is for Windows 95 computers to connect to you 2000 exchange server/servers.

If you only used it for that reason, then you can remove.

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