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By l_x_a_l ·
My network experiences problems on a sporadic basis which I think I have tracked down to WINS

We have a 2-site network with 1 MB ADSL at either side with Cisco Kix as firewalls. Most of the resources are on one side of the firewall (our head office), with a few users on the other.

The users all use W2k boxes, but the servers are all NT. In the head office, we are running DNS,WINS,Exchange,SQL Server accross 3 servers, as well as some file sharing and other small apps.

The secondary office uses their server (Mainly fileserving) as a DNS which uses WINS if it needs to. There is no exchange server on the secondary end, neither is there an SQL Server.

The sporadic problem *seems* to be something to do with WINS - some times, the WINS records are not updated properly, meaning that the record with the users name ie bloggsj[03] is left inactive, whereas the rest of the records for that IP are active (ie shares, machine name). This seems to occur at the same time as the secondaryoffice users being unable to access E-mail or internet (though DNS will work from their computer, and may or may not from the main end.

Can anybody help?

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