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wins2x pc can't link to wins9x pc's

By maxiti ·
I manage a small 35 pc wins 2000 server-LAN running wins2xpro on 33pc's and 2 pc's with wins9x. all computers can see each other except one with w2x. it does not register in the directory and do not respond to DHCP. virtually,it does not exist. however pinging shows that it is there. manual setting of tcp/ip enables it to see and access all the pcs, and even the internet but can not access anything on the 2 wins9x pcs. changing net-cards not help. what to do?

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by lumberjack In reply to wins2x pc can't link to w ...

create local users on the win9x Pcs with the same username and password as those being used in the w2k/later PCs. This is a known issue with win9x and any later Ms operating system.

once setup youshould be able to browse the win9x PCs fine

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by BCPower In reply to wins2x pc can't link to w ...

On the same note, create the two l9x boxes as local users on the W2K boxes. Try it with just a couple of W2K boxes and see if your 9x boxes can browse those two.

Bear in mind, you have 31 PC's to configure for 2 9x boxes. All W2K boxes are probably formatted in NTFS and the 9x in FAT32. It would be easier in the long run and more harmonious to upgrade the two 9x boxes.

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