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Winsock proxy

By craig ·
Has anyone ever managed to get internet access through a proxy using the Winsock protocol?

I have found numerous articles from people with the same problem, but as yet no solutions.



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Winsock proxy

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Winsock proxy

Hi Craig,
I use MS Proxy 2.0 to get ?nternet Access
with WinSock. You just have to install the
WinSock Client Software on the Computers that
should get Internet Access through the Proxy
Server. Before you install the Client Software, you have to configure it on the Proxy. The parameters, that should be configured are:
Permissions and the Protocols that should use
the Windows Socket.
For example:
1.Create a group named Webaccess, store the Useraccounts which should get webaccess in thisgroup.
2.Modify the protocols that should run thruogh WinSock:
HTTP: Port 80 Permissions: Webaccess
HTTP-S: Port 437 Permissions : Webaccess
and so on....
After you have finished the configuration on
the Proxy Server just install the WinSock Clientsoftware. By default from the sharing:
good luck

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Winsock proxy

by sKIz In reply to Winsock proxy


not sure if this iwll help or not. At my last job we had a NT proxie server running. I was able to get net access from it by setting the proxies address as my default gateway.

I think the proxie was IIS 3, not really sure tho.

I have not heard of an actuall winsock client for linux.

Good Luck.


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Winsock proxy

by craig In reply to Winsock proxy

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