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Winterm 1200LE

By sabatogz ·
Does anyone have any experience connecting the Winterm 1200LE to a windows 2000 domain using RDP?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Winterm 1200LE

According to this data spec sheet for the Winterm 1200LE located here:

The 1200LE version supports the Citrix ICA protocol for terminal emulation, NOT Win2K/Win2K3 RDP. So, it seems like to use the 1200LE, you would need to run Citrix Metaframe on a Win2K box (with TS enabled for Metaframe to work), and THEN you could use the 1200LE to connect to the Windows box. But it would be using Citrix ICA to do so, not RDP.

So, in looking around, it appears that you need instead is the Winterm 3630LE.
"The Winterm 3630LE is used with popular thin-client solutions like Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, and Citrix MetaFrame and MetaFrame XP, or simply as a network text terminal."

This was the only version I saw with Win2K TS support (which uses RDP). So, try that one instead. Here is the page on it:
(please remove any spaces)

Now, I have no experience with this product, so I am just going off what I read on the website.

hope this helps

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by sabatogz In reply to


Thx for the info, but the firmware in the Winterm give's me the option of either ICA or RDP. I have a terminal server setup with extra licenses ready for this device. But I was unaware the need for an FTP server to store users settings. I have the Server setup with some sample ini files but cannot figure how to setup option 161 on our DHCP server.

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by Pickle In reply to Winterm 1200LE

Winterm 1200le works fine with 2000 terminal services. Simply choose rdp in the setup of the device, give it the IP # of the server and you are good to go.

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by sabatogz In reply to

Pickle, Were you do put the IP # of the Terminal Server? Your user ini file?

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by jim In reply to Winterm 1200LE

Good one!
These are very cool once you get one setup the rest fall into place.
Using DHCP, I hope so.
You'll need to add a couple of scope options:
161- ftp server (use the computer name, not the fqdn)
162- leave it blank

Setup the ini files on the ftp server specified in the 161 option. When the winterm connects it will look there for the servers it may attach to using either ICA or RDP.

You'll have to read the doc for the ini settings but that's pretty straight forward, yet there is not much attention given to the 161 and 162 options which are not listed by default.

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by sabatogz In reply to

I discovered how to edit the ini file to make things work. Wsye documentation on these areas are in my opinion where very poor, but this could be because more people use these devices with citrix and very few are using them with RDP. Once I got the user ini file working, everything fell into place. The Wyse device is working great! Thank you to all who helped.

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by sabatogz In reply to Winterm 1200LE

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