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    winword not responding


    by kafui_k ·

    A clients DELL, IBM PC/AT has been suffering from frequent lock ups any time I open Microsoft Word 9.0.2717,along with a message such as:

    ‘The system is dangerously low in resources. Would you like to terminate the following applications? Microsoft Word (not responding) Win Word 9.0.2717’

    I’ve used the application repair utility, reinstalled the OS i.e. Win Me, checked Device manager no errors, run Norton’s Anti Virus with current definitions but I still get the same problem, I’m kinda confused as to what type of Application might be using a big chunk of my 128 mb ram and a P4 processor. Help Needed.

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      by ferocious ·

      In reply to winword not responding

      download the latest service pack. could be a memory leak. you can also try deleting the file and let word recreate it.

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