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by srazek In reply to WINWORD

1. copy the word or be prepared to type it in the find field.
2. place the cursor at the begining of the point you want to start searching from.
3. Press the Ctrl+H button combination or, goto the Edit Drop down Menu if you can not see the Replace Menu Item wait for a few seconds or, you can access it through the Find item then Select the Replace tab.
4. Paste or type your word in the "Find What:" field
5. Type the word you want in the "Replace With" field
6. you will be asked to replace the current word or replace all.
7. if you select replace all. you will be notified word finished till the end of the document and if you want to start from the begining. you can accept and press "OK" if you need word to start from the begining and replace the word till the point where the cursor is at. else Press "CANCEL"

hope this helps


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by SoWhat In reply to WINWORD

You can do it the way that has been explained. But in the field "Replace with what" type the text you need with ^p where you want to have ends of paragraphs.
So you should type:
This is my new text.^pIt will have new lines here.^pAnd here, too.

What you will get will be:
This is my new text.
It will have new lines here.
And here, too.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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by ctrservices In reply to WINWORD

Select the word to replace and either type or paste in the line you want.

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by bschaettle In reply to WINWORD

I'm sort of guessing here, but I will assume that you want to do this more than just once. You need to investigate a Word feature called AutoText. An AutoText entry will automatically replace a short "abbreviation" with as much other text as you want. This is very handy in situations where you may need to type exactly the same text over and over into different documents. I work in healthcare, and our medical transcriptionists have hundreds of AutoText entries stored on their machines.

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