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    Winx DVD Author App


    by krd67 ·

    I hope I’m not to far off track with my inquiry,but this is the only forum I can rely on.
    I have been using a burner App Winx DVD Author with great success but recently it converts the video but just as it starts to burn to the disc it closes.I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice thinking it may be a corrupt file but to no avail. Can you recommend another free DVD burner App that converts the video file and burns all in one. Sorry for making this such long post.My OS Wins 11

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      by rproffitt ·

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      But I have used a two step process to avoid losing work in progress.

      Here’s what I do. I use the usual app like you noted but NEVER EVER BURN to DVD. I have the app create the .ISO so later I can burn that to the DVD.

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        by krd67 ·

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        Thx. Robert for the reply. I’m not sure I quite understand your direction “never ever burn to dvd”. That is the one thing I really liked about Winx all I had to do is add the Video file and it took
        care of the rest converting\burning it to the disc and was ready to play in the DVD player.


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          I plan for the burn failures.

          by rproffitt ·

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          Recording is the most unreliable step in the process so I learned long ago to do that on its own. The other nice thing about the ISO is that I can play it in VLC Player or other media players.

          Continue as you wish. I’ve found my solution and sticking with it.

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          by submit.lena ·

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          Maybe you can try DVDFab DVD Copy. I like to use this software to convert my DVD or Blu-ray to ISO and other file formats to save. I think DVDFab’s product is the top in the industry, and it is also the best among all the software I have used.

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