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WinXP and 98se networking

By jibear ·
on my WinXP Pro machine, I have created the same users as on my 98se machine, as well as gave them permissions on all shares ...even for testing purposes, put them all under the administrator group. But I always get an 'error 31' message, when I try to connect from the Win98se machine.

But when logging on as the local administrator account on the 98se machine, I connect properly ...PLEASE HELP!!

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by Grey_Woolf In reply to WinXP and 98se networking

Windows XP wants to use DNS.
On a small network you have three options:
-> Install and activate DNS.
-> Activate WINS.
-> Or use NetBEUI. In which case you will not need any usernames. Just map to the shares.

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DNS Re-visited

by Grey_Woolf In reply to WinXP and 98se networking

After reading your message several times I have decided that your TCP/IP setting must be correct or you would not have been able to connect as anyone.

With that in mind, and the knowledge that `98 has NO security at all. I deduce that when you login as "Local Administrator" you are actually using the XP box's administrator account.

Now with that understood - my next thought is the security settings for the other users. You have said that you have given permission to all users to those shares. Have you give permission in BOTH the "share" and "security" tabs for the shares in question? Be aware that username and password entries are case sensitive!

If so, on the `98 machines delete the .PWL for each user. Then recreate the users being careful to use the username and password provided to the XP server.

You should be good now.

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Connect As.... (-:{

by ghstinshll In reply to WinXP and 98se networking

When accessing the XP box from the 98 box and prompted for a password, use XPPCNAME\XPUSERNAME, then the password in the password box.

Since 98 doesn't have any security, it's trying to log on annonymously. Doing this lets you connect as a user who was given permission locally on the XP box.

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