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    WinXP and Word 97


    by thawk55 ·

    Hello I hope I can find a solution here. I have never seen this problem before. I am running WinXP Pro. It has all the updates.
    The problem I am having is with Office 97. Whenever I start using MS Word my machine will
    come to a complete halt. When I hit Con-Alt-Del Task manager shows me that WindWord.exe is
    using 99% of my CPU’s power. Nothing else will function. The only way to get out of the program
    is to reboot. When the PC reboot WinXP performs like nothing has happened. So far the problem only
    appears in Word. I have both Office service packs installed.

    My system is a P-4 1.7 gig with 512 megs of ram. a 40 gig harddrive.

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      WinXP and Word 97

      by thamer ·

      In reply to WinXP and Word 97

      Microsoft Word 97 is compatible with Windows XP … Open the document in the following link for for a list of MS Word problems (Word opens very slowly; or crashes (or gives an error message) as soon as it opens) and how to troubleshoot.
      (eliminate the spaces from the URL after you paste it in the address bar)

      I would suggest that you start by checking your printer driver.

      Take care.

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