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    WinXP Booting Problem on Laptop, Pls Help me urgent


    by swamyonline4 ·

    Hi ppl,
    its a peculiar problem. my laptop has been powered off accidentally when its running. The next time, it did not boot. it shows windows boot menu containing, safe mode,…start normally, last known good configuration..but its stopping there itself. its not booting from there onwards. i have tried with Active Partion Recovery Tool..and i was able to see its partion. but its not booting…i have also tried with some PC win xp CD. used recovery console and tried to fixmbr..but of no use….its the same old story…pls suggest me know can make this IBM Thinkpad Laptop with Windows XP..the data it contained is utmost imporartant to me..thanks in advance…bye

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      by swamyonline4 ·

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      Fixing laptop

      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      I suggest doing a repair install as some system files may have been corrupted.
      Boot off the XP CD, select Enter to Install then select Repair C:\Windows installation.
      It will then fix the startup files and the Windows system files.

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      More info is needed

      by smallbiz-techwiz ·

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      To just “try” a bunch of things and hope that one of them will work is not the way IT pros handle problems like this.

      More info is needed in order to make an intelligent diagnosis. What happens when you choose one of the boot options from the menu? If you can get that far, you should be able to make a choice and watch to see what happens. We get that it doesn’t boot. A more valuable piece of information would be to know exactly how far it gets before it stops… and if there are any error messages.

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        Future Dell Support Technicians in training

        by why me worry? ·

        In reply to More info is needed

        If you’ve ever called Dell and been routed to their Bangalore, India call center, this is the kind of trial and error nonsense they waste the customer’s time on because they don’t have a clue when it comes to proper and systematic troubleshooting.

        The dirty side of outsourcing IT jobs to unqualified foreigners rears its ugly head now.

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        stops after showing windows xp boot menu

        by swamyonline4 ·

        In reply to More info is needed

        thank u for ur reply. in continuations with my last post, the laptop powers up and displays windows xp boot menu containing…safe mode, safe mode with n/w support…..last known good configuration, start windows normally. once i selected any of those options, it just stops there..stops indefinitely. i have tried all those boot menu options,,,and all the time the response is same…just stops indefinitely…iam able to see the partion and data available in that with the help of Active Partition Recovery Tool…pls suggest me a way how can i make my laptop boot normally and get my data back..thank u very much…swamy.

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