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WinXP client cannot access files on Win2000 Server

By miotti ·
Recently I have re-installed WinXP in one of my client machines on the network. The thing is, on the Server (Win2000 Server) I had a folder with backup files that (I think) was initially created by that same client prior the re-installation. My problem is, I cannot copy the backup files from the server back to my WinXP client machine. All the permissions are set, User is correct, the group fine and still It says that I do not have access to copy files. I have a Workgroup not a Domain. What else is there to be done?
I have just realized something.....let's see if I can put it simply: On my server I had folders containing the backup files of my workgroup in its individual client folder. Example: \\my_server\clients_backup\client1_folder + client2_folder etc.
Yesterday I was trying to figure out the problem and I did some tests on another folder (which was working perfectly). Now I was accessing the folder client1 on the server from the pc_client1 and chenged various settings, permissions and security; from the same machine I fiddled on another folder, client2 on the server. Now here is the kicker: ever since I CANNOT ACCESS (copy, execute etc.) THAT FOLDER ANYMORE"!, not even from the the pc_client2. I guess that the problem must have been caused from other client-pc's changing the security/permissions on a non proprietary folder. Now what I think I need to know is how to enable or change these permissions. Any help on this would be for ever and ever appreciated. Eux.

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Did you name the machine the same?

by TonytheTiger In reply to WinXP client cannot acces ...

If so, that might be mucking things up. Permissions work with SSIDs, not the name, so even if the machine and user had the same names, their SSIDs would be different once you rebuilt the machine.

I would try changing the name of the computer, then adding \\newmachinename\username to the permissions of the folder on the server.

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How do you mean change it?

by miotti In reply to Did you name the machine ...

You mean changed it on the server, as a client? Or the machine name on the pc?

I do not think I have actually. However, how would that be the case when other users on the same workgroup could access these files and now, no one can?

Also, on some client machines, there are shared folders that for some apparent reason, only a few machines can access it while others cannot.

Thanks again for you reply!


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