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WinXP Device Manager Problems

By InletGroveHS ·
I have just completed a fresh install of Windows XP Professional. However, one the first boot to WinXP it told be that it had errors with framedyn.dll and mmcndmgr.dll . I was able to copy the framedyn.dll from the DLL Cache folder and found the mmcndmgr.dll file on the WindowsXP CD. However, I have noticed a problem. When I try to access the Device Manager, instead of displaying the device list it shows an Internet Explorer type of error saying "Action Canceled" along with some other things including saying to attempt to "refresh" the page. I hit F5 to refresh and it then changes to another IE type page saying "Page cannot be displayed". It then has an error and closes. What could be causing this? How can I fix it?

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by The Watcher In reply to WinXP Device Manager Prob ...


First thing I would do is check the media that you installed from, there may be a scratch or something that corrupted the file as it was copied.
Otherwise, have you tried replaceing the file from another pc with XP and not off the CD?

Also, is this a reoccuring problem? have you formatted the disk and rebuilt it, to see if the same thing happens?


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by InletGroveHS In reply to Media

This is a fresh install on a brand new hard drive. I have copied the file off of a different CD. However, I am not sure that the particular file is to blame (as I no longer receive errors mentioning that particular file). I was wondering if anyone might know what file is used for the device manager's hardware list.

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