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WinXP does not recognise a second HDD?

By rah ·
I upgraded from Win98 on a 3Gig drive to WinXP and a 120Gig drive. As soon as I hook up the 3gig drive as the slave winXP does not boot? If I change the IDE-0 to IDE-1 then Win98 boots? The HDD jumpers are correct as are the HDD IDE connections. The BIOS recognises the 120 as the master and the 3 as the slave.
So what is the problem?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

If I understand well, you setup the winXP when the 3GB HDD was master.
After this you change the 3GBHDD to slave. This is the problem. Still you install the winXP to 120GB HDD, the boot sequence is to master HDD what was the 3GB HDD.

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by rah In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

the 3gig drive was slave

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by sgt_shultz In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

If this is off track, maybe post exact error you are getting...
my money on you having to figure out the changes you need to boot.ini
boot.ini holds adapter/drive/partition info. you move the drive and that info changed. you need to fix it. you can edit it yourself but hassle as you need to get to command prompt and edit boot.ini.
easier if you just have your XP cd and can use the Recovery Console utility 'bootcfg /rebuild' to 'rebuild' your boot.ini file to point to xp's new location...

here is how:
A discussion about the Bootcfg command and its uses;en-us;2**980
...and this is how to do it yourself (if your xp boot.ini is on ntfs partition and you don't already have a ntfs boot disk, this will be a hassle and you are way better off with bootcfg, imho.
but this article will give you idea of what is going on...
How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP;en-us;289022

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by denodave In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

I am unclear as to your exact situation. Please be more clear about what you did and the order in which you did it.

I am guessing here, but it sounds like you tried to upgrade the 3gb drive to XP. That's a fair feat in itself because XP plus its overhead (page file, etc,) plus programs should fill that drive. And that may be another problem -- if you don't enough drive space Windows may not function.

If you are trying to get XP transferred to the new HD you need to use Ghost or an equivalent imaging software to clone the smaller drive to the larger one. Ghost will adjust the partitions and data to fit onto the new drive, then you disconnect the old drive and boot it up. No problem, I have done it a hundred times.

Honestly IMO fooling around with the boot.ini etc is a waste of time. Not even sure you need to based on the sketchy info you gave here. Easier route is to do a "repair install" of XP if the issue is simply a boot problem. XP will retain your files and settings. If you go this route the trick is to NOT use the console to repair it (this option comes up early in the install process), but rather continue on in the install and you will reach a point where it asks if you want to repair the installation that already exists.

Also have you considered installing XP from scratch on the new drive and then using the files and settings transfer wizard to move your stuff from the old drive?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

Have a look in System tools to see if the drive is actually registering with XP. It is possible that the drive is there but the format can not be recognised.

If you are able to see both drives in BIOS are you exiting BIOS and saving the changes? If not you'll be stuck with the original drive configuration and that will make any added slave drive unsee able to Windows.


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by rah In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I apologise for not being clearer as to the what,when and how. So let me try again.

Basically I took the 3gig drive out of the pc as this was the master drive with Win98.
I replaced this drive with the 120gig drive making it the new master drive.

I loaded WinXP on it without any problems.

The problem started when I hooked up the 3gig drive as the slave.

Firstly the BIOS recognised both drives and correctly idetified the 120gig as master and the 3gig as slave.

However with both drives hooked up, WinXP refused to load and displayed an error message "insert boot diskette"

The interesting thing is when I changed the IDE from 0 to 1, Win 98 booted.

So basically the problem is with both drives connected WinXP won't boot.

All I want to do is have WinXp as my OS and the 3gig drive as the slave.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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by wsiliezar In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

Ok, I think that I understand your problem. You had Windows 98 on your 3GB hard drive. You got a 120GB hard drive, removed the 3GB, and installed Windows XP on the 120GB. Afterwards, you re-installed the 3GB hard drive as a slave. If this is incorrect, let me know.

What I think that it's happening in your situation is the jumper settings. I think that they are wrong because you state that after you changed the IDE cable in reverse to how it was setup, the Win98 drive booted. Please make sure that you have the jumper cable settings on both drives setup right. Make sure that the 120GB is setup on Master and the 3GB drive is setup on Slave.

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by scott_heath In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

Something else to try: Both HD's have a bootable partition on them. Use a bootable floppy disk and FDISK, goto the 3gb drive and use whatever option makes the partition not "Active".

I'd be more specific but I don't have a bootabel floppy with fdisk handy. :)

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by rah In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

Great ideas but I can't try them out because when I connect the 3gig drive the pc does not boot at all. It gives the message "insert boot disk"
How do i get around this?

As for the master/slave jumper settings they are 100% correct

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by rah In reply to WinXP does not recognise ...

OK Wsiliezar you got it in a nutshell.
First of let me say that I partitioned the 120gig drive as follows;
C: with WinXp @ 95gigs
D, E, F, and G @ approx 4gigs each.

The following may be of some help to you kind folk who are struggling with me to try and find an answer.

I connected the 3gig drive made it the slave and booted the PC from the WinXP installation CD.
Selected install WinXP and finally got to the window that deals with the creating and selection of partitions which displayed the following.

114495Mb Disk 0 at ID-0 on Bus 0 on Atapi (MBR)

F: Partition 1 (unknown) 114487Mb (114486Mb free)
Unpartitioned Space 8Mb

2015Mb Disk 0 at ID-1 on Bus o on Atapi (MBR)

C: Partition (Fat 32) 2014Mb (1744Mb free)

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