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    winxp hard drive install


    by rayh ·

    I put a new motherboard in my computer,my hard drive had winxp on it,but when I try to boot up it won’t bring up my win xp. Do I have to format my hard drive and reinstall win xp or is there something that I overlooked.

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      winxp hard drive install

      by tqp050774vp ·

      In reply to winxp hard drive install

      Do you have any data that you need to keep on your hard drive? If not, just try to reinstall WinXP with new motherboard. If yes, try to boot from CD and run windows repair. The problem is you hard drive with WinXP on it has been configured with different motherboard than the one you just install. Try it. Good luck.

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      winxp hard drive install

      by rsanchezp ·

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      Check your HD controllers. This is a very common problem when loading Windows XP/NT.

      When you installed Windows XP on the previous motherboard was it in ATA66 or ATA10?Ask the following questions:
      1.When u installed WIndows XP previously was it connected in ATA66? If so, if the new MB has 4 connecters 2 ATA66 and 2 ATA100, connect it to your ATA66, then install your ATA100 controllers support(Drivers)/boot up and then u can switch your controller to ATA100.

      I have gone through the process of trying to install WindowsXp when its on ATA100 and always fails.

      Problem here can be that its trying to load POST but cannot update systems hardware because its trying to load of a ATA100 where the motherboards drivers is not yet installed soits giving you errors.

      Hope this helps..

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      winxp hard drive install

      by thechas ·

      In reply to winxp hard drive install

      Well Ray,

      A clean install is what Microsoft recommends when moving either W2K or XP to new hardware.

      Microsoft no longer has the knowledge base article on it’s site.

      Assuming that your user name is a valid e-mail address, I will send you a copy of the article.


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      Reply To: winxp hard drive install

      by enbee_here ·

      In reply to winxp hard drive install

      hi ray ..

      i can think of 3 things to try..

      1- have you tried installing any of the software that came with the motherboard? maybe you’re missing drivers or something.

      2- did you go into the setup program to reset your BIOS?

      3- if both of the above doesn’t work, then yes, I would try reinstalling Windows XP.


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      Reply To: winxp hard drive install

      by hung.pham ·

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      Look at the imaging technqiues on microsoft web site. Had same issues with imaging on mulitple hardware platforms. There is a reg edit and three files you need to copy into your INF folder.

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