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Winxp help

By MrMom ·
My computer locked up in the middle of a defrag. I cannot access my 200 gig drive. From a win98 boot disk it shows 10 megs free. I tried to re-install XP but it says I have no room. There are over 100 Gigs free.Called Microsoft and Western Digital but they could not fix it. I get NTLDR is missing when I try to boot without a boot disk.I tried to slave the drive with no success. System is a P3 800 with 256 ram. Drive is new WD and XP is home edition. Hope someone can help.Frustrated as I really need the files on this drive.Thank you for anything anyone can do or being steered in the right direction.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Winxp help

First off, did you make a restore disk?

If so, use that.

If you haven't you may be able to run the Advanced Recovery Utility that is on the WinXP cd. Just boot with the disk in the drive and follow the prompts. I think it's F2 when prompted.

Newho, if you have a 200G drive and are trying to access it with your Win98 Boot disk, you're going to run into a few problems. First, is I am assuming you're using NTFS with WinXP and it won't know how to read that. Second is Win98 is limited to 32G partitions from my recollections, but I could be wrong there. But I do know it won't read a 200G drive. Fat32 can't interpret that much data properly.

Just remember this, DONT format that disk. If you can't fix it so that you can work on it, you can at least put it in another box and use it as a slave disk and just pull the data off of it that you need.

Another thing, when you get this fixed, BACKUP YOUR STUFF. That's super important. Because we always loose our stuff when we least expect it. Then when it's gone, sometimes you're SOL.


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If all else fails then you'll have to reinstall XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Winxp help

To do this just put the XP CD into the CD Drive and make it bootable.

When you get to the screen that askes you do you want to install chose "Repair" and it will strip out all the old corupted OS and reinstall it you might be up for some hot fixes and patches but it will save you a lot of time.

The other thing is to always backup all your data no matter what it is as this always proves impossible to replace when something bad happens and it is not unknown for a HDD to fail and if it has all your data on it then you can kiss that goodby as well.

Sure you can have the data recovered by one of the recovery companies but this is an unnecessary expence when a bit of prevention could have saved you the cost in the first place & remember don't only limit yourself to what you consider important but also all your e-mail both incoming and outgoing as well as your address book and Favortes as these will while not being super important are a real nusiance when you lose them.

Think along the business lines a computer is cheap no matter how much it cost but the data is irreplacable once its gone so you can't place a price on it, you can have a new computer in a few hours if worst comes to worst but you can't replace one byte of your data no matter what if you haven't backed it up to some form of storage device that isn't kept with the computer.

You should be able to recover most of your programs with a repair but things like Norton's wont like it one little bit and you'll have to either save your existing data once its up and running again and then reload after wiping the HDD.

Actually it is a very good idea to have at least two HDD in every computer one small HDD with the OS on it and one with all your programs and data on it that way when something goes wrong with Windows you still have all your data available.

But a "Repair" should fix your problems.

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ERD Commander

by Jim Phelps In reply to Winxp help

Try They sell a product called ERD Commander. That may work, because it will allow you to look at the contents of the disk via their interface, rather than the Windows interface.

But like another poster stated, make your current hard drive the slave drive, and install a new hard drive as the master drive. Then install XP onto the new master drive. You should then be able to access the contents on the old drive.

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Master Boot

by Don_C In reply to Winxp help

This should be in Q&A Its only fair. the reason why your coming up with the error NTLDR is missing is cause you master boot record is corrupted go to your recovery console and tell it to fix it

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Still crashed

by MrMom In reply to Master Boot

Thank you so much to everyone who responded. I have called Microsoft. No help,they can't fix it.Drive won't do a recover but cycles through a re-boot after re-boot till I shut it off. The drive is Western Digital and WD ran tests and it came up with zero errors. In the tests it shows 200 Gigs. Tried to re-install windows but it says only 10 megs available so no room to re-install. I have Winternals Administrators Pak 3.0 as one of you had suggested and it only recognizes the 10 megs. I slaved the drive with other drives and each time it only shows 10 megs of *.chk files. I am using a Promise Tech Ultra100 TX2 ATA Controller Card that came with the drive in a PIII 800 with 560 megs ram. My guess is that the fat table may be corrupt and I am trying to recover without a format. The cause of the original crash was the computer locked up in the middle of a defrag that was 60% done. Once again thank you for your input.

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Partitioning scheme?

by Jim Phelps In reply to Still crashed

Sounds like you're using some sort of partitioning scheme like a dynamic overlay, in order to yield more drive space than the normal method will produce.

If you can find out what type of partitioning scheme is being used, you may be able to use the same partitioning software to examine the contents of the disk.

Or your drive may be using one of the "disk expansion" programs which will increase the storage capacity of your hard drive. Years ago I installed a product called SuperStor on my IBM PC 20 meg hard drive. It magically doubled the capacity of the hard drive to 40 megs. However, when I ran the SuperStor utilities, they began eating the contents of my hard drive. I reformatted the drive the regular way (20 megs) and reinstalled everything, and that was the LAST time I ever tried one of those exotic disk "expansion" products.

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by omie In reply to Winxp help

First of all your questions about 200gb. Is it an ATA drive ? Howd id you mount it? Did you use the card that came with it or you connected to the motherboard directly ?

Since you mention that your processor is P3 it is safe to assume that you are with a computer at least 2 years old. This is a commmon problem with the older motherboards, they can't recognize more than 120GB unless you could get an update on BIOS update from the manufacturer.
If you used the ATA card with it you should enable that in the BIOS setting for it might be looking for the EIDE bus that came with the motherboard. The worst scenario is that the motherboard is not compatible with ATA drives. To find that out is to check the manufacturer bulletin. This may explain on why you are having a NTLDR error.

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Try this

by alwaysared In reply to Winxp help

Hi MrMom,
Go to
Download the latest version of Knoppix, it is full working version of Linux and runs from the CD-ROM. When you boot to your new Knoppix CD it will put a icon on the desktop for all of your existing HDD's, double click the icon for your 200gig HDD and you will see all of your files, you can now backup the important stuff before you format the HDD to do a fresh install of XP. I am having a simular problem and this worked for me, I just can't get XP to install even on my reformatted drive! I hope this helps.

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