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WinXP Home Non-Standard Upgrade

By sbrager ·
I need to upgrade from WinXP Home to Pro. However, many of the software discs are missing so I can't reinstall them. Yet they are vital to my client. Is there any way to accomplish this with a repair installation? Or is there so other method?



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"...many of the software discs are missing..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to WinXP Home Non-Standard U ...

What's the source of the Pro disks, Microsoft or the original hardware vendor?

If the hardware vendor, contact then and they should be able to supply a replacement set for around $25. If MS, contact them and have the XP license number from the case or disks ready; you'll probably have to pay the OS upgrade cost (maybe $100).

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...many of the software discs are missing..."

by sbrager In reply to "...many of the soft ...

The WinXP Home discs are missing as well as many of the discs for other software on his computer.

He's got a newer computer (than his old computer) and wants me to transfer everything from his old computer to the newer one. Easily done with Acronis or a similar program. He's purchased WinXP Pro and has that disc plus the serial.

Once the transfer is computer and working, how can I upgrade from Home to Pro while keeping the other programs?

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I'm not sure I see your problem.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to ...many of the software d ...

Upgrading XP Home to XP Pro is not a destructive upgrade. Do a backup first to be safe, but you should be able to do the upgrade without any issues. Existing programs and data will remain intact.

I'd look for a free hard drive imaging tool. Make a drive image of the old system, load it on the new one,but don't boot from the HD. Instead, boot from the Pro disc and start the upgrade process. Even if you break it, you still have the original system to start over with.

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Upgrade XP Home to XP Pro

by sbrager In reply to I'm not sure I see your p ...

I've never done this type of upgrade. A new drive for the upgrade has been purchased - the old one has outlived its usefulness. The upgrade is scheduled for this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll let you know how it worked out. Thanks.

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older system to newer system . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to WinXP Home Non-Standard U ...

one thing to watch out for is if the old system was an OEM Pre-Installed system

those can and most of the time Do choke on the "wrong" hardware
you can't transfer a Dell OEM Factory Pre-Installed OS to an HP or anything else
nor an HP to a Dell or Toshiba etc.

I know that Dell uses a code in the BIOS to determine if the hardware is a Dell or not
and if not it won't run if transferred or install from the Dell OEM Re-Branded OS disc

if it's the same Mfg. of both systems then full speed ahead,
just be sure to tick the box for Universal Restore to restore to different hardware

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Yes, you can.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to older system to newer sys ...

But that's -exactly- why I specifically said to NOT boot from the imaged drive. Booting from the non-OEM upgrade media will take care of the OEM-specific issues.

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