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WinXP Home size?

By D.H. Cesare ·
When it's all said and done, gotten to the bottom line, how much disk space does WinXP Home take up?

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WINXP home

by mjd420nova In reply to WinXP Home size?

The last new install I did was 7-9-05 a no frills
straight up updated that day was almost 3 gig
no auto updates with the firewall on , Pretty
clean but multiplied to over 7 gig with drivers
patches and system support.

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so 8 Gb

by D.H. Cesare In reply to WINXP home

So an 8Gb partition should be about the right size to install XP on?

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Think 15 GB mate

by Deadly Ernest In reply to so 8 Gb

As the system will automaticly expand things like the Temp folder, the Internet Temporary Files folder, Restore folder, virtual memory and the personal menus directories etc. You can save space by changing these setting to other drives etc but you will also have to allow for most new applications adding .ini and .dll files etc to the Windows directory itself. All these will bloat it out over time. I had an install of XP on a 10GB drive and ran out of space after 6 months despite telling all new apps to load on 'D' drive and having the VM set to 'D' drive and using every other tweak I could. One MS apps actually added 200MB of drivers to the Windows folder despite being loaded onto 'D' drive. Very frightening how quickly it grows, and does not even use water.

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