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    winxp home sp2


    by preemarose ·

    when booting my system I get an error advising ‘isapnp.sys’ is corrupt or missing. I have tried to use my setup CD but get a Code 4 error so I cannot user repair to fix the problem. I dont have a fat partition so I can get in to copy the missing files. I have also downloaded winxp setup disks 1to6 but that has not worked either. Any suggestions will be tried. Thanks

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      by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

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      The problem is almost certainly that your motherboard is not on the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) for WinXP.

      To verify this, go to “” and type in your motherboard model in the “search for” box, and select “Motherboard” from the “In” drop down list.

      If it comes back blank, you’re totally screwed. You can get WinXP just about all setup, but when those chip-level drivers get updated (like with DirectX) the compliancy becomes an issue.

      Recovery? Not likely. Even rolling back the drivers doesn’t seem to help – because they get rolled forward again for no discernable reason, and against promises made by WinXP’s self-healing literature.

      Your only chance is *maybe* if you replace the AGP video card with a PCI one. The ISAPnP issue seems to be related to the AGP control chips.

      I plugged an ATI TV card into a motherboard that wasn’t on the HCL and it had a similar problem. It fell into an endless cycle of rebooting, updating the driver, and rebooting again. The solution was to use the box as a Win2K machine.

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      by preemarose ·

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