WinXP - How do I get Little Green Folder to work consistently?

By RodsMine ·
I have "Little Green Folder", it makes the Windows Explorer folder icon turn green for the current folder (instead of an open yellow folder, it is an open green folder). It rarely works any more, so I did some research.

Explorer.exe... does not work
Explorer.scf... works, but is always at c: instead of a specified directory (in fact, none of explorer.exe's switches seem to work)
A program called Folder Guide... WORKS, when launched from Desktop (but not from an Explorer windows that does not have a green folder)! Folder Guide has a shortcut pointing to c:\tmp and it opens there and the icon for the open folder is green, and follows as I select other folders.

My question is why (and how) does Little Green Folder work with it?
Little Green Folder is an icon file and a text file of instructions that say 'put greenfolder.icl somewhere, run MyProperties, select folders, select the open yellow folder, select Change Icon, browse to where you put greenfolder.icl and select it, select Rebuild Icon cache'.

Resource viewers show the yellow open folder has been replaced with the open green folder, but only explorer.scf and Folder Guide seem to use it.

Any ideas?

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In most cases, a program that works as a shell extension

by robo_dev In reply to WinXP - How do I get Litt ...

has to make registry entries so that it will work a certain way.

The first thing to try, therefore, is to uninstall/reinstall the application, which should restore the registry entries to where there were when you first installed the app.

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Request for Clarification

by seanferd In reply to In most cases, a program ...

And rebuild the shell icon cache again.

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Yep I agree with the above answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WinXP - How do I get Litt ...

Most likely a Windows Update broke the application and you need to reinstall it.

Of course it's always possible that the Update in Question Broke the Application and no matter what you do there is no way to fix it but most likely with Shell Scripts like this has broken a Dependency which gets reset when you reinstall.


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