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    WinXP in NT4 domain


    by heatz ·

    I may have asked this previously, so I apologize if I’m repeating myself, but…
    I recently introduced a WinXP Pro machine to our NT4 domain. Unfortunately, the only servers I am able to map to are the PDC and my web server. When trying to access resources on any of the other servers, including the BDC, I get a path not found error. All the servers run NT4 Service Pack 6a. Is anyone aware of any issues affecting WinXP in an NT domain? Am I missing a setting somewhere on either the XP machine or the NT servers? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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      Name resolution

      by malcolm r ·

      In reply to WinXP in NT4 domain

      This is a name resolution issue. Check the DNS and WINS settings on your XP box.


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      Possible Rights Issue

      by softwaremanager8222 ·

      In reply to WinXP in NT4 domain

      Be sure to check the Sharing/Security permissions on the servers carefully. This could be causing the problem also.

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      Name Resolution

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to WinXP in NT4 domain

      Assuming you are trying this as an admin, I agree with
      Malcom. Some questions though. When this occurs are
      you logged in with admin rights? Are you running
      internal DNS? Are you running WINS? The perferred
      method with XP is DNS but most NT4 installs seem to
      use WINS only. Any one would resolve if setup
      correctly. Because you have joined the domain you can
      access the PDC. It is most likely cached. The PDC is
      not. Try using the “run” command to open a share using
      ip address, and then netbios name.

      Example: \\\sharename
      OR \\servername\sharename

      Then if you use WINS: add the WINS ip to the XP box ip
      settings. or if DNS check your host records.

      Good Luck!

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      xp vs nt

      by jpave ·

      In reply to WinXP in NT4 domain

      this is a win2k serve exam question: enable netbios over tcpip and it will work. I used it when my mixed network had the same problem.

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        NETBIOS is the key

        by japes ·

        In reply to xp vs nt

        This is absolutely correct. You must enable NETBIOS over TCP/IP for an XP client to network successfully in an NT domain. I, too, struggled with this for a while before realising what the problem was.

        Unfortunately, NETBIOS won’t help if the client dials in. For that you need either WINS or – wait for it – a good old LMHOSTS file! Talk about walking backwards!

        Good luck!

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          I agree

          by chris.rodgers ·

          In reply to NETBIOS is the key

          I agree with the NetBios but the only draw back again is the dial up and some VPN’;s will require you to use the LMHOSTS file.

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          On the money!

          by heatz ·

          In reply to I agree

          The suggestions regarding enabling NetBIOS were right on the money. Problem solved! Thanks a bunch to all who contributed.

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      To Beui or Not to Beui

      by brian.long ·

      In reply to WinXP in NT4 domain

      My brother just took a day and some to solve this one… what he relayed to me was that MS, in it’s infinite wisdom, discontinued NetBeui in XP – thus reducing backward compatability in the search for security. There IS an Xp version of NetBeui on the Microsoft website. Once he got that and installed it… blue skies. (I do NOT vouch for my brother’s sanity – but it might be worth a look).

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