WinXP Install from USB Flash Drive...

By cyberghost_1 ·
My Q: is can I extract an ISO of WinXP to a Flash Drive instead of burning it to a DVD-R... the reason being is that I have a Netbook and currently don?t have an external DVD-RW Drive...so I have no other option and by the way this is the way I installed Win7 Ultimate on my Netbook, so it should work with XP as well right?? I?m creating a new partition just for XP so I can have a dual OS system...

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Try a virtual drive like VMware-Play

by _Papa_ In reply to WinXP Install from USB Fl ...

And you won't have to waste time rebooting to bring up XP. It'll run under "7" just fine.

About loading a flash drive from an ISO I can't help you there. Sorry.

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This article

by jcitron In reply to Try a virtual drive like ...
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I have MagicISO MagicDisk...

by cyberghost_1 In reply to Try a virtual drive like ...

Actually I do have a Virtual Drive... I have MagicISO + MagicDisk. I also have tried Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, but with the ISO I have it keeps asking me to insert the XP disk into the drive which I don?t have since its a Netbook. One thing, the Virtual Drive letter I set to V:, but either way it still asks me to insert the disk even if i set the Virtual Drive letter to ...any further advise??

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here you go

by jeremyrem In reply to WinXP Install from USB Fl ...

this program will do it all for you, just goto the website download, and if you need any help there should be a guide, but it is pretty self explanatory.



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Here's a video tutorial

by eddy315west In reply to here you go
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On Amazon I got a USB external CD-ROM for $14 with shipping.

by robo_dev In reply to WinXP Install from USB Fl ...

Seriously, I loaded XP on a netbook in about 45 minutes, without having to extract any ISOs or fiddle with anything special.

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