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    WinXp JAVA


    by lcw ·

    I’m using WinXp and seems like some of the applications which involved in java were unable to execute.Any advise on how to solve this problem?

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      by arne.tredal ·

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      WinXP (IE6.0) does not include Microsoft Virtual Machine, so you have to download SUN Java VM Runtime for SUN. (

      Microsoft has aggressively pulled their Java download (msjavx86.exe) from Windows, Windows update, and from third party web sites via legal tactics, and has stated that they will no longer support Java (even security fixes) after January 2, 2004. So Sun’s Java VM (above) is the recommended Java VM.

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      by pgm554 ·

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      Just to add to the discussion,I have been getting a lot of pages asking for an updated java machine and the M$(XP/PRO) product directs me to an install on demand site ,where the page(or download) can’t be found.

      Nothing quite like SUN and M$ getting into a whose lawyer is better scenario. It screws the folks like us that have got to support this stuff.What a bunch of morons!

      It’s things like this that make me want to take up truck driving as a profession.At least they promise you’ll be home on weekends.

      Dude ,thanks for the insight on the JVM.

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      by thechas ·

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      Microsoft still lists it’s version of JAVA VM in the Windows Update catalog.

      While I agree with switching to Sun JAVA, some applications still only work with MS VM.

      You should still be able to install Microsoft’s version from Windows Update.


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      by lcw ·

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