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WinXP Network Printing Problem

By it ·
Most of my shared printers on my network is attached to Win98Se computers.
If i install any of the network printers on any WinXP Sp2 computer, the respons from the printer and installation is so slow, even seems to freez and not respond, but wait long enough and the installation is complete.

Install by means of Install Network Printer, Browse For Printer, Choose PC, Choose Printer..

After I select the printer, my PC seems to freeze, but if I wait long enough will select that printer and finally will print.
I tried new and original drivers, and changing printer settings.
I have searched all over, but did not find any solution...
This is getting a big problem in my network!

Can someone please help?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WinXP Network Printing Pr ...

This is quite common with SP2 so if you can set static IP and Sub Net Addresses and turn off the Windows XP Firewall it might improve things a bit but short of removing SP2 there is no real answer.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to WinXP Network Printing Pr ...

or my favorite solution: print servers. start buying 'em now. and not the cheapest ones either.
i would be a quarter you have the same problem on an XP sp1 box as sp2. just 2 cents.
anything in event logs on the clients?
i take it a win98 box can print fast to a printer served by another win98 box, yes?
how about other symptoms of poor network performance. maybe the win98 boxes gettng swamped with data from xp boxes. long shot: try locking all down to same media type/speed.

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by Ltop In reply to WinXP Network Printing Pr ...


Agree with the answers above - get the printers off the PC's and onto print servers and get them attached to your network via a hub or switch.

let us know how you get on


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